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Design Your Garden

Effortlessly design your dream garden with our 3D garden visualization. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our user-friendly interface lets you plan every aspect of your layout with ease.

Share & Sync Lists

Gardening & Plant Care

Access expert gardening advice and essential plant care tips. Get scheduled reminder about watering and fertilization. Learn seasonal techniques and master the art of nurturing your green space with Flourish.


Extensive Plant List

Explore our diverse plant database curated to inspire your garden journey. From perennials to shrubs, discover new favorites and plan confidently. Each illustrated with a life-size 3D model and beautiful plant photos.


Sun Exposure

Find things quickly by personalizing your lists with name, color and icon.


Watering Amount

Set your preferred watering amount and discover predesigned garden themes tailored to match your watering needs perfectly.

Tastefully Designed

Garden Soil

Share details about your garden soil, and we'll recommend plants perfectly suited to your soil type.

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2 February 2024

Flourish Garden on Apple Vision Pro